Creative Art Director
& Copywriter

Dreamy - bubbly - fruity - cool.
I tell stories and big ideas through
campaigns, branding, and more.

I Am Bubbling With Ideas.
If You Need Them, They Are Yours

My love language is telling stories in any shape or form.
I like them big and bold, smart and funny, poetic and dreamy.
I can do many things, but having ideas and executing them is what I do best. And I do it in German, English, and French.

A copywriter by trade, I create brand and product stories for branding and advertising, online, offline, and experiential.
A visual maximalist and poet at heart, I do creative & art direction for campaigns, films, photography, concepts, and more.

If you like my vision, I'm sure I'll like yours.

Big Ideas, Creative & Art Direction

Big Ideas, Creative & Art Direction

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This is what I am best at:
Big Ideas / Copywriting /
Creative & Art Direction /
Creative Consulting

This is what I am also good at:
Branding / Campaigns / Creative Strategy / Film Direction / Photography / Production / Script Writing / Set Design /
Set Production / Social Media Strategy /
Tone of Voice Development / Voice Over Direction /
Voice Over Talent / Talks / Workshops

Copywriting, Branding & Advertising

Copywriting, Branding & Advertising

I See the World Through a Vintage Vision, Winking at the Future

I take inspiration from all forms of classic beauty in art, architecture, literature, and nature.
I find poetry in details and moments we tend to overlook.
And I love the things that make our senses tingle:
Sea, sand, heat, the ruffling of palm trees, parasols lazily swaying in the summer breeze, a glistering plate of shackled oysters,
and the sparkle of freshly poured champagne.

I arrange ideas and words to recreate those sensations, and tell dreamy and colourful stories with subtle humour, sticking its tongue out between the lines.

Brands and Agencies I Worked With

Back Market Brand LogoTourlane Brand LogoWe You This Agency LogoLabell-D Brand LogoMelampo Brand LogoMorrows Brand Logo