Optimize your organization, creative workflow and output with an industry specialist

Managing the creative processes and the work of in-house marketing and branding teams can be a challenging task. As a creative industry insider, I can help you navigate the day-to-day work and help improve your organization and creative output.

Through individually tailored workshops, consulting sessions, and more, we are going to take your teams from good work to amazing teamwork.

Enable - Encourage - Empower

As a freelancer, I have seen many companies from the inside, from big corporations to small structures. I have worked with countless branding and marketing agencies. As an employee, I have experienced first-hand what it takes to build an in-house creative agency and production company. This unique trajectory has taught me not only different skills, but also given me valuable insights into different ways of working.

This places me in a unique position to offer insights and guidance, especially when it comes to optimizing the creative output and workflow of corporations and large companies.
As you navigate the complexities of managing a creative team and the challenges of fostering innovation within your organization, I can provide valuable consultation and support.

Drawing from my experience collaborating with major corporations, I've developed strategic frameworks that aim to increase your team's creative potential and streamline the creative process.

My goal is to empower your teams with the insights, skills, and strategies that I have learned. I want them to gain expertise in refining brand strategy, honing copywriting skills, nurturing visual brand development, and creating and executing advertising strategies.

Working with clients like Spotify, Kayak, Lee Jeans, Pepsi, N26, Back Market, SumUp, and others across diverse industries has equipped me with many cross-industry insights, so I can swiftly adapt strategies to suit your company's unique niche and market positioning.

I am available to work in English, German, and French

The Types of Collaborations I offer


Is there a specific issue you have that needs solving? Tell me what you require, and I will create a workshop just for you. Whether we do a branding workshop, a social media strategy, a creative empowerment and inspiration play, or work on improving teamwork.

We can work on brand strategy to understand your unique positioning and carve out a compelling story. Or we can talk about how to tailor your social media strategy to a new market or target group. No issue is off the table.

Creative Consulting

Do you need to optimize your team's workflow and output? I will talk and work with the team to understand roadblocks and shortcomings. And together, we are going to set up new processes to speed up work, increase stability and satisfaction, and improve creative production.

I offer 1:1 consulting sessions with brand managers, directors, creative directors, and managing marketing directors, or we'll work directly with the team and understand how we can improve the ways that everyone works together.


Does your team need individual help? I will work with writers, producers, social media managers, and more to understand how we can improve their work. I will set up a 1:1 strategy to help them optimize their work and become stronger assets for the company.

With my background as a copywriter, I am particularly well suited to teach your writing staff to craft stronger copy, improve creative thinking and ideation, and inspire the team to create better and stronger creatives for campaigns, social media platforms, brand design assets, and much more.

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