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In 2019, I started working on creating copy for the French pre-order label Asphalte. Their aim was always to create clothing that lasts, and wanted their communication and copy to do the same. It is rare that a brand puts the same amount of effort into their words than into their visuals, so it was an enormous pleasure to forge their fun personality through editorials, product descriptions, CRM and more. I started at the same time as they started to launch in the UK, giving me plenty of opportunity to learn more about the UK culture and own the English copy. At the beginning of 2020, Asphalte decided to launch the brand in the German market as well, giving me the creative lead on forging a brand’s personality that matched the domestic market. From the tone of voice to the first pieces of copy and launch campaigns, I was able to create a brand personality that fully resonates with the German market, onboarding and supervising additional copywriters to ensure consistency across the board.

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