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Creative Direction

The German nutrition company nu3 called on me to step in as interim creative director to lead creative efforts launching their new campaign platform #FullyYou. As the re-branding would take some time to kick-off, I got an art director and motion graphics designer involved to give the old branding a fresh update, aligned with the brand story I redefined together with the brand team.We launched the new campaign platform with a special landing page, a manifesto and a complete fresh Instagram look and feel. And we didn’t stop there. I also reworked the tone of voice to fit a new, bigger and bolder vision. This led to rethinking the social media strategy, and I created a tiered system that would allow easy templating and reacting to seasonality and current events. During some workshops, I got to involve the entire design and content team to put new structures into place that involves everyone and offers more independence, flexibility, and implementing domestic content and language.

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