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As interim creative director for the company nu3, I was also given the challenge to completely reform their weight loss brand BEAVITA. Nobody wanted to touch this sensitive subject, but I saw an opportunity to change the narrative around weight loss. We turned the brand story into one that celebrates body neutrality, giving our customers authority over their bodies to make decisions that are best for them, not others. We wanted people to understand that the reasons for big or small weight changes were entirely personal and varied to a degree that we could not talk about one thing or the other. What we did, was talk about hormonal imbalances, diseases, grief, and many other reasons we might put on weight and then decided to lose it again. We stopped perpetuating images of skinny and fit women by making it more exclusive, focussing on flavours instead and educating about topics around our bodies, weight, nutrition and mental health, turning around the boat and creating a weight loss brand that is contemporary, fresh, inclusive, and educational all at the same time. Through new bold visuals, an updated design and a complete new tone of voice, we switched up our website, social media, campaigns and accompanying product guide.

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