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In 2019, I started, along with other freelancers, to work on the French ethical fashion brand Asphalte. As the work progressed, and we successfully launched the brand with a domestic identity in the UK and German market, we decided to launch a full-blown copy agency: We.You.This.As creative director, I took the lead on creating the brand story and forge our identity, working with a talented art director on the visual identity. The agency sees copy as a craft, we went with that theme by choosing equally well handcrafted typefaces that created a classic timeless look with a contemporary edge. We decided on a DIY style for imagery and colors to show that we’re all about words, not visuals, and that we put all our love into our copy. The colors and images are seen as additional elements that can be swapped and changed with clients and the time, so, that we can update the brand on the regular without losing our identity.

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